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Ed Sheeran at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards

Guys, I NEED HELP!!!
I really want to go to Ed’s UK tour, but the problem is that I don’t live in the UK and I really don’t have that much money to stay at hotels(cause I’ll need to pay for the plane ticket and also the concert)!!! I’m a very lovely girl from Latvia (it’s in Northern Europe), who wouldn’t take up much space and would keep her mouth shut, if needed - as you can see, I need a place to stay. If you are from either London, Glasgow or Manchester, would you at least consider taking me in for a couple of nights(maybe 2)? I wouldn’t be staying at your home during the day, just for the night! And we could go to the concert together, if you wouldn’t mind! 
Please consider this, cause I really don’t have any other options! Though it would be really great to have this sorted out till tomorrows 9am UK time, because of the pre-sale! 
Please REBLOG, even if you’re not from the UK(that way the people following you would see it)! I know we are united and we can make this happen! :)))
P.S. I tagged some of Ed’s fan blogs, please reblog, guys!!! And also made this shitty banner, so the text doesn’t appear on your blog, cause some of you might not like that!